How long is OK between oil changes Subaru Outback?

Hey there, neighbor! I’m really glad you stopped by with a question about how long you can drive without changing the motor oil in your Subaru Outback. I’ve serviced many similar Japanese cars at the shop.

Systematically ignoring the recommended interval between oil changes can lead to engine problems not only for Subaru Outback but also for any other vehicle.

After years of working with Subaru Outback and other vehicles, I can share some helpful observations. It’s usually a good idea to stick to the manufacturer’s recommended oil change intervals. In most cases, that’s around every 5,000 to 7,500 miles, depending on driving conditions and the type of oil used.

It’s good that you and I, neighbor, talked yesterday about how much oil should be poured into the Subaru Outback engine. Now you know how much oil you need to buy before changing it.

Keep in mind that aggressive city driving, frequent short trips, and extreme temperatures can accelerate oil wear. If you notice the oil becoming dirty or the oil level dropping, it’s better to do the change earlier.

What could happen if you drive more miles than recommended between oil changes?

Driving more miles than recommended between oil changes can lead to several potential problems:

  1. Engine Wear: Oil serves to lubricate, cool, and protect the engine. If the oil ages and loses its properties, engine components can start rubbing against each other without proper lubrication, leading to wear and damage.
  2. Performance Decrease: Old oil might not provide optimal lubrication and cooling to the engine. This can result in reduced performance, loss of power, and decreased fuel efficiency.
  3. Deposit Buildup: Over time, oil accumulates dirt, deposits, and combustion byproducts. If the oil isn’t changed in time, these deposits can build up and lead to clogs in oil channels and filters.
  4. Increased Oil Consumption: Old oil can degrade its structure and properties, leading to higher oil consumption by the engine. This might mean needing to top up the oil more frequently between changes.
  5. Higher Risk of Breakdown: Driving more miles without an oil change increases the risk of breakdowns and serious engine damage. Prolonged inadequate lubrication can cause irreversible damage that requires costly repairs.

Of course, neighbor, I don’t think all of this will happen if you go over by 500 miles. These issues are more likely to arise if you consistently postpone servicing your car.

Also, it’s a good idea to regularly check the oil level and the condition of the filter. This will help keep the engine in good shape and extend its lifespan. If you have any specific questions about your Subaru Outback, don’t hesitate to ask – I’m always ready to assist with advice and recommendations!

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