Subaru Forester vs Outback — difference between Price, Dimensions and Security

Hello, neighbor! Glad you stopped by with your question about the differences between Subaru Forester and Outback. Let’s have a seat, and I’ll pour you some tea while we discuss the key distinctions of these excellent Japanese cars, based on my years of experience as an auto mechanic.

If we compare the cost of these two almost identical Japanese cars, then the Subaru Forester is $ 2,400 cheaper than the Outback. Let’s see how these two models differ from each other.

Now, let’s walk through the main differences between the Forester and Outback:

  1. Price: The base model Subaru Forester currently costs $26,495, while the base model Outback is priced at $28,895. As you can see, there’s a significant $2,400 difference. Whether to pay that extra money is entirely up to you, my friend. We discussed how much it costs to maintain Oubtack here.
  2. Dimensions: Subaru Outback boasts larger dimensions compared to Subaru Forester, with a longer body and more ground clearance. This makes the Outback more spacious and rugged.
  3. Transmission: Outback comes equipped with Lineartronic® CVT, while Forester offers Lineartronic® CVT with Adaptive Control. Both transmissions are continuously variable (CVT), but Adaptive Control in the Forester may provide slightly different driving characteristics. I have already talked about proper maintenance of the Subaru Outback transmission.
  4. Wheels: Outback comes with 17-inch aluminum-alloy wheels, whereas Forester features 17-inch steel wheels. Aluminum wheels are typically considered more stylish and lightweight.
  5. Interior Features: Both models have manual adjustment for front seats, but the Outback offers a more advanced package of advantages with features like Advanced Adaptive Cruise Control, gear shift paddles, and a larger 7.0-inch dual multimedia system.
  6. Cargo Area: Outback provides a more spacious cargo area with additional features, such as rear seatback release levers from the cargo area and a removable cargo tray.
  7. Fuel Tank Capacity: Outback has a larger fuel tank capacity of 18.5 gallons, providing a longer range between refueling compared to Forester’s 16.6-gallon tank capacity.
  8. Engine Immobilizer: Forester comes with an engine immobilizer, a feature that helps prevent unauthorized starting of the vehicle, which is not specified for the Outback. However, Subaru Outback has more reliable engines that will not make their owners nervous.
  9. Exterior Design: Outback boasts more premium elements, including LED fog lights and body-color door handles, giving it a slightly more luxurious appearance compared to the Forester.
  10. Safety Features: Both models have impressive safety systems, including Subaru Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive and EyeSight® Driver Assist Technology, although specific safety systems and airbag configurations may vary slightly.

Let me remind you that your car’s maintenance schedule determines its technical condition. Remember to keep track of your miles for the correct service interval.

To make it convenient for you to compare all the differences, I’ve quickly drawn up a comparison table for Forester and Outback.

CharacteristicSubaru ForesterSubaru Outback
TransmissionLineartronic® CVT with Adaptive ControlLineartronic® CVT
Wheels17-inch steel wheels17-inch aluminum-alloy wheels
Interior FeaturesBasic optionsAdvanced package of advantages
Cargo AreaStandardSpacious with additional features
Fuel Tank Capacity16.6 gallons18.5 gallons
Engine ImmobilizerPresentNot available
Exterior DesignStylish but less premiumMore luxurious
Safety FeaturesSubaru Symmetrical AWD and EyeSight®Subaru Symmetrical AWD and EyeSight® with slight differences
Table of the main differences between Subaru Forester and Subaru Outback

Preparing this conversation with you, I relied only on data from the official website.

Oboi reliable Japanese cars that have proven themselves as reliable and stylish cars for people who love travel and economy. My best advice is to test drive both cars. Your heart will tell you which one you like best.

I talked about the most common breakdowns of the Subaru Outback from the owners words here. When you have time, come in and pay respects if you’re interested.
I was very glad to talk with you dear neighbor, if you have any questions, ask them to me (in the comments below).

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