How to change oil Chevrolet Trailblazer

Chevrolet Trailblazer is like a superhero car, built by a big company called General Motors. This superhero car was first shown to the world in 2001, and people could start buying it in 2002. This version of the car was really big and strong, like a superhero, and people called it the first generation.

Then in 2005, the Trailblazer got even more superhero powers! It got a powerful engine called a V8, which made it faster and stronger. But in 2009, the Trailblazer took a little break.

Then in 2012, the second generation of Trailblazer was born. It was a little smaller but still very strong and was sold in lots of different places around the world.

In 2020, a new and improved Trailblazer, or the third generation, was shown to the world. This new model is compact, kind of like a superhero’s sidekick, and has lots of cool features like better gas mileage, a safer design, and fancy technology. This makes it a great car for many different people!

Do I Need to Urgently Change the Oil Right Now?

Frequency (Interval) for Changing Engine Oil

Think of your car’s engine oil like its favorite juice. After a while, this juice can get dirty and doesn’t work as well. This is why we need to change the oil. Usually, you should change the oil every 5,000 to 7,500 miles you drive. This can be like driving to the moon and back a whole bunch of times!

For the Chevrolet Trailblazer, its favorite juice should be changed around every 7,500 miles. But remember, just like sometimes you’re thirstier if you’ve been playing a lot, your car might need new juice more often if you drive it really hard, or in tough conditions like really hot weather, or really cold weather, or up and down big hills.

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How to Check the Engine Oil Level

Checking your car’s juice is a bit like checking the milk level in your cereal. You don’t want too much, but you also don’t want too little. There’s a stick in your car’s engine called a dipstick. You pull it out, wipe it clean, put it back in, then pull it out again to check. If the juice is between the two lines on the stick, it’s just right. If it’s low, you’ll need to add more!

Visual Experiment of the Condition of Engine Oil

Like how you can tell if milk has gone bad by looking at it and smelling it, you can tell if your car’s juice needs changing. Put some on a white piece of paper and see if it’s very dark or dirty. If it is, then it might be time to change it!

Preparing to Change Engine Oil

What Type of Oil Should Be Used for a Car?

Each car has a favorite type of juice or oil. For the Chevrolet Trailblazer, it likes a special type called 5W-30. This number is kind of like its favorite flavor!

How to Choose Oil Depending on the Season and Operating Conditions?

Just like you might want ice cream when it’s hot and soup when it’s cold, your car needs different oil for different weather. If it’s really cold, a lower number like 5W-30 is good. If it’s hot, a higher number like 10W-30 can be better. You should also think about how hard you drive your car, just like how you might need more food if you’ve been playing really hard.


The tradition of changing motor oil in spring and fall originated from the limitations of single-grade oils and their inability to provide adequate engine protection across different seasonal temperatures. Modern multi-grade oils can protect engines in a wide range of temperatures, making it possible to change motor oil anytime without loss of performance or protection.

A study conducted by researchers from the Industrial University of Tyumen, Russia, assessed the seasonal changes in motor oil consumption. The study found that seasonal conditions significantly affect motor oil consumption. The data obtained can help improve motor oil reserve management systems​

Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Types of Oils for Chevrolet Trailblazer

Using different types of oils for your Chevrolet Trailblazer is like choosing different flavors of ice cream. Some are super tasty and good for your health, while others may not be so good.

The oils with lower numbers like 5W-30 are great when it’s really cold because they’re thin and can move easily in your car’s engine, just like how ice cream can melt on a hot day. But, if it’s really hot outside, these oils might get too thin and not protect your car’s engine as well.

On the other hand, oils with higher numbers like 10W-30 are thicker and can protect your car’s engine when it’s hot outside, just like a nice thick milkshake! But, if it’s too cold, these oils might get too thick and have a hard time moving around your car’s engine.

Engine Oil Selection

Okay, let’s imagine we’re creating a menu for the Chevrolet Trailblazer’s favorite juices, or oils:

Generation (Year)EngineSuitable Oil ViscosityPopular American BrandRequired Amount of OilArticle Number
1st (2002-2009)4.2L5W-30Pennzoil, Valvoline, Mobil 1 ($34/6 quart)7 quartsPNZ-550045192, VAL-881164, MOB-102991
2nd (2012-2019)2.8L5W-30Pennzoil ($49/6 quart), Valvoline, Mobil 18 quartsPNZ-550045215, VAL-881183, MOB-102993
3rd (2020-now)1.3L0W-20Pennzoil, Valvoline, Mobil 1 ($34/5 quart)5 quartsPNZ-550046731, VAL-881147, MOB-102984

Which Oil Filter is Right for You?

Now let’s talk about strainers. Strainers help keep the juice clean, just like the one you use to catch the seeds when making lemonade.

Generation (Year)EnginePopular Brand of Oil FiltersCatalog Number
1st (2002-2009)4.2LACDelco – $5, Bosch, FRAMAC-PF61, BOS-3332, FR-PH3675
2nd (2012-2019)2.8LACDelco – $8, Bosch, FRAMAC-PF2232, BOS-3330, FR-PH10575
3rd (2020-now)1.3LACDelco – $7, Bosch, FRAMAC-PF2257G, BOS-3323, FR-PH10060

Necessary Tools and Conditions

Just like when you’re making a lemonade stand, you need to prepare your tools and conditions. To change the oil, you’ll need an oil filter wrench, a socket set, an oil drain pan, funnel, and gloves. You’ll also want to make sure you’re in a flat, safe place, like a garage or driveway.

How to Warm Up the Engine Before Changing the Oil?

Before you change your car’s juice, you should warm it up, like heating up soup. You can do this by turning on your car and letting it run for a few minutes. This makes the oil thinner and easier to drain, like how it’s easier to pour hot soup than cold soup.

Step-by-Step Instruction

Just like following a recipe, here are the steps to change your oil:

  1. Warm up your engine by running your car for a few minutes.
  2. Set up your tools and oil drain pan under your car.
  3. Use your socket set to unscrew the drain plug and let the oil drain out.
  4. Use the oil filter wrench to remove the old oil filter.
  5. Put the new oil filter in place.
  6. Screw the drain plug back in.
  7. Use a funnel to pour new oil into your engine.
  8. Check the oil level to make sure it’s just right.

This whole process can take around 1 hour, like watching an episode of your favorite show.

Remember, just like learning to ride a bike, it might be a little tricky the first time, but with practice, it gets easier!

Replacing Transmission Fluid in Automatic Transmission

Frequency (Interval) of Changing the Transmission Fluid in an Automatic Transmission

Changing your car’s transmission fluid is like changing your toothbrush – it’s important to do it regularly to keep everything running smoothly. Most car doctors say it’s best to change it every 60,000 to 100,000 miles, but this can change depending on how you drive. If you’re often driving really fast, or pulling heavy stuff, or if you’re always stuck in traffic, you might need to change it sooner.

What Transmission Fluid to Choose?

Choosing the right transmission fluid for your Chevrolet Trailblazer is a bit like picking out the perfect sweater. You need to make sure it’s the right fit, and that it’s going to keep you comfortable. Here’s a neat table that can help:

Generation (Year)EngineAmount of Fluid RequiredPopular US BrandsCatalog NumberApproximate Cost
1st (2002-2009)4.2L11 quartsValvoline – $86/3Gal, Castrol, Mobil 1VAL-822405, CAS-06811, MOB-5522160-80$
2nd (2012-2019)2.8L10 quartsValvoline – $86/3Gal, Castrol, Mobil 1VAL-822405, CAS-06811, MOB-5522160-80$
3rd (2020-now)1.3L9 quartsValvoline – $86/3Gal, Castrol, Mobil 1VAL-822405, CAS-06811, MOB-5522160-80$

Required Tools

Just like baking a cake, there are some tools and things you’ll need to change your transmission fluid. You’ll need a wrench, a new gasket, a funnel, and a drain pan. It’s also good to have some gloves and safety glasses to protect your hands and eyes, just like how an apron protects your clothes when you’re baking.

Step-by-step Instruction

Here are the steps to change your transmission fluid, like following a recipe to bake a cake:

  1. Get everything ready: gather your tools and transmission fluid, and put on your gloves and safety glasses.
  2. Warm up your car: run your car for a few minutes to warm up the fluid.
  3. Remove the drain plug: use your wrench to carefully remove the drain plug and let the old fluid flow out into your drain pan.
  4. Remove the old gasket: take off the old gasket, which is like a seal around the drain plug.
  5. Put on the new gasket: place your new gasket around the drain plug.
  6. Put the drain plug back: use your wrench to put the drain plug back in.
  7. Fill up with new fluid: use your funnel to carefully pour the new transmission fluid into the right spot.
  8. Check the fluid level: make sure you’ve put in the right amount of fluid by checking the level with your dipstick.

Remember, it’s okay if it seems a little tricky the first time – just like learning to ride a bike or bake a cake, it gets easier with practice!

Possible Questions After Self-Service

What Problems Can Arise After an Incorrect Self-Changing Engine Oil?

Just like if you build a LEGO castle and miss some blocks, things can go wrong if you don’t change your car’s oil correctly. If you put in the wrong oil, or not enough, your car might not run as well. It might even break down, just like the castle might fall over.

How Can I Check for Engine Oil Leaks After Changing It Myself?

After changing the oil, you can check for leaks by looking at the ground underneath where your car was parked, just like checking for raindrops after a storm. If you see a dark, oily spot, you might have a leak.

How to Reset the Oil Change Counter?

Resetting the oil change counter in your Chevrolet Trailblazer is a bit like resetting a video game level when you want to start over. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Turn on your car but don’t start the engine, just like how you turn on a video game console.
  2. Press the right arrow on your steering wheel to get to the ‘Vehicle Information’ menu, like selecting the right game to play.
  3. Scroll down to ‘Oil Life’ using the down arrow, like choosing the right level in a game.
  4. Press and hold the ‘Check’ button until the Oil Life resets to 100%, just like holding down the ‘Reset’ button on a video game console.

What to Do with Old Oil After Replacement?

When you’re done with the old oil, it’s important to take care of it properly. Old oil is like an old toy – you can’t just throw it away anywhere. Most places have special recycling spots where you can take your old oil, just like a toy donation box. This helps keep the earth clean and safe, just like cleaning up your toys helps keep your room tidy.

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