How much oil in the engine Honda Pilot

Hi, neighbor! I’m very glad that you came to me with the question of how much oil a Honda Pilot engine takes. If you’re planning to change the oil in your car by yourself, knowing the correct amount of oil for your engine is one of the key aspects of the process.

No matter the year or engine size of your Honda Pilot, it typically requires between 4.5 to 5.7 quarts of engine oil.

Avoiding engine damage: Pouring too little oil can lead to insufficient lubrication, which will increase friction between engine components. This could cause overheating, wear, or even severe damage. On the other hand, pouring too much oil can result in excessive pressure inside the engine, which might lead to oil leaks or seal damages.

Preventing system malfunction: Too much oil can cause it to end up in places it shouldn’t be, like the combustion chamber. This might result in smoke, improper engine operation, or even damage to the catalytic converter.

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Saving money: By knowing the precise amount of oil needed, you can avoid purchasing excessive quantities or, conversely, the need for non-standard top-ups due to a shortage.

Maintaining warranty requirements: Some manufacturers might deny warranty repairs if it’s determined that the engine was damaged due to incorrect oil levels.

YearEngine DisplacementOil Quantity (US Qt.)Oil Type
2003-20083.5 L4.55W-20
2009-20153.5 L4.55W-20
2016-20213.5 L5.70W-20
2022-Present3.5 L5.70W-20
The table contains a list of Honda Pilot engines by year of manufacture, how much oil it takes and what viscosity

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Keep in mind that engine oil is akin to your car’s engine’s lifeblood. It’s responsible for safeguarding and lubricating engine components, especially those exposed to high friction levels. Additionally, it contributes to cooling, cleaning, prolonging engine life, and even enhancing fuel efficiency.

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Neighbor is very glad that we discussed this issue with you, and now you know how much engine oil you need to pour into the engine of your Honda Pilot. If you have any questions, ask in the comments.

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